About Us

The concept for this exciting and effective natural range of products is the work of Susan George who, together with a highly qualified team of veterinarians, pharmacists and aromatherapists, extensively researched and developed the Susan George Naturally range. Susan George, known for an illustrious international film career established many years ago with her late husband fellow actor Simon MacCorkindale, Georgian Arabians, a world recognised Arabian stud farm.

Complementary treatments are an essential part of the well being of her horses, dogs and family and Susan George retains a strong belief in caring for them all, wherever possible, “in the natural way”.


The Realisation of a Longtime Ambition

“For years it was a desire of mine to create a range of therapeutic products for animal usage. I have watched with delight as Susan George Naturally has grown from a cottage industry, made in my home, to an established range of products in the market place.

Our formulas are a combination of the best blend of natural ingredients and I am committed to ensuring that the product line’s continued success will not compromise the quality of those ingredients in any way. The inspiration behind Susan George Naturally was my late sister Pam, who, despite her lifelong remarkable struggle with ill health, shared my dream. Her love, enthusiasm, energy and practical experience were invaluable.”

Susan George Naturally

Naturally’ is the philosophy and the company policy – the finest essential oils, herbs and purest plant extracts are the combination for all the products. All items have been chosen and produced with a responsible consideration for the horse’s welfare.


Aromatica for your dogs and horses

Aromatherapy has existed for thousands of years. Essential oils are steeped in history, their origin dating back to Ancient Egyptian times. Essential oils are concentrated extracts from herbs, fruits, flowers, gums, seeds and trees. They are vital components for our Susan George Naturally range of products, which we offer to you the consumer for the best in every day care of your dog and horse.

Accent on Quality

Our formulas are unique in that they contain a higher than average percentage of quality essential oils. Buying essential oils is like choosing fine wines – there are literally hundreds of types and varieties and experienced expertise is needed in sourcing the finest. Our suppliers provide Susan George Naturally with exceptional quality oils harvested from all parts of the globe.