The Dog Collection

dog collection

Our dogs small or large, puppy or in golden years. Everyone an important family member and we will always want the very best for their happiness and well being.

This SG Naturally Luxury collection is designed with that in mind. We use a high percentage of pure plant oils in all products, combined with Aloe.

The two shampoos designed for show dog or pets at home are:

The Energising Shampoo – perfect for cleansing and balancing with antibacterial properties of Lavender and Rosemary and the Hydro Shampoo with its Cade oil and Chinese Cedar-wood combination, is both nourishing and hydrating. Both of our exceptional shampoos leaving your dogs coat with a natural mirror shine.

(The every home should have) product, is The Salve – This antibacterial skin salve a combination of Aloe Vera and Yarrow pure plant oil has a myriad of uses and the list of result testimonials is endless…. The A and C compound best recipe for all bruising and the Calma Derm soothes away insect bite skin irritations.

Lastly is our product for you, proud owner. Our super therapeutic treatment, antibacterial hand wash with pure plant oils with its subtle oil of Melissa and lavender fragrance.

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