The Horse Collection

The Horse Collection

SG NATURALLY – Introducing our new and enhanced formulas of a small product range specially designed for the beauty and well being of horses and dogs. Whether you have a pooch or pony, you will simply love these formulas made with the finest of pure plant oils. “TESTED ON HUMANS FOR ANIMALS” we know they are not only luxurious but safe and effective.

These luxury SG NATURALLY products have been formulated with the utmost care and consideration. We use only the finest pure plant oils and a high percentage in each of our products and regular use of the shampoos will help to improve coat and condition with long lasting results.

Our shampoos are not only cleansing but also therapeutic. The combination of rosemary oil and lavender in the ENERGISING SHAMPOO does just as it says on the bottle. Energising and with its fresh aroma it makes bath time enjoyable for animal and owner whilst invigorating for the respiratory system. THE HYDRO SHAMPOO with it’s pungent formula of juniper oil and cedarwood is specifically designed to hydrate and moisturise whilst stimulating and regenerating. The properties in this shampoo, Cade oil (Juniper oil) are from an age old recipe used 100’s of years ago and believed to stimulate hair growth and although an animal shampoo, we have many repeat customers male and female alike…

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