A & C Ointment instant recovery from all and every kind of bruising



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The A & C Compound

The formula for this product is a combination of two magical plant oils that are commonly known for their healing properties, Arnica and Comfrey. Our ingredients include Shea butter and Jojoba oil, blended to a creamy ointment and packaged in a user friendly 150ml tub. Over the years we have received glowing testimonials as to the effectiveness and healing power of this product that can be used for all cases of knocks, bumps and bruises.

Useful tip for acute trauma – Amazing remedy.

Combine the A & C compound and the Salve by putting a little of each product into a separate tub and blending with a wooden spatula or spoon. The formula should have a thick honey like consistency and ideally be stored in a cold place. Apply by gently massaging in to heated or swollen area.